Defending Legacy: Bobby Moore and Stylo Matchmakers Football Boots

In the realm of football legends, Bobby Moore stands tall as one of the greatest defenders ever to grace the pitch. His iconic career at West Ham United spanned over 15 years, amassing more than 600 games in all competitions. A pinnacle moment etched in history was when Moore, as Captain of the England team, lifted the World Cup in 1966 after defeating West Germany at Wembley Stadium. His legacy extended beyond the pitch, from serving as a Member of Parliament to becoming a UNICEF ambassador.

Bobby Moore Football Boots: A Stylo Legacy

Now, what made Moore truly extraordinary? His ability to anticipate and read the game before it unfolded was unparalleled. Jock Stein once remarked, “there should be a law against him!” It was in 1975 that Bobby Moore, along with the full Fulham team, signed a boot deal with Stylo Matchmakers. That very year, they reached the FA Cup final, a testament to the prowess that Stylo Matchmakers boots brought to the game. Despite facing defeat in the final against Moore’s former club West Ham United, the association marked a milestone in football history.

Stylo Matchmakers, with its aggressive and rebellious spirit, found a kindred soul in Moore. The strategic prowess and fearlessness that defined Moore’s playing style aligned seamlessly with the ethos of Stylo Matchmakers. Today, a limited collection of Stylo Matchmakers boots pays homage to the legacy of players like Bobby Moore, encapsulating the spirit of rebellion and excellence that defines Stylo style.

Bobby Moore football boots

Honoring a Legend: Bobby Moore’s Enduring Impact

Acknowledged with an OBE in 1967, Bobby Moore’s accolades continued to pour in, culminating in his induction into the football hall of fame in 2002. The unveiling of a statue outside the new Wembley Stadium in 2007 and the retirement of West Ham’s number 6 shirt in 2008 further underscored his everlasting impact on English football.

Moore’s untimely death at the age of 51 from bowel cancer in 1993 marked the end of a remarkable journey. A survivor of testicular cancer before his historic World Cup triumph, Moore’s resilience echoed both on and off the pitch. Stylo Matchmakers, as a brand that champions rebellion and individuality, is honored to be part of the legacy of a gentleman of the game.

As you immerse yourself in the tale of Bobby Moore, don’t miss the opportunity to step into history with a limited edition pair of Stylo Matchmakers boots. More than just football boots, these are a tribute to a defender whose legacy continues to resonate on the hallowed grounds of the beautiful game. Stand out, rebel against the ordinary, and honor the memory of Bobby Moore – embrace the legacy, Stylo style.


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“Having Bobby Moore wear Stylo Matchmakers is not just a point of pride for our brand; it’s a testament to our rich footballing history. In an era where every step is a struggle for recognition in the vast international corporate marketplace, being a British company is a badge of honor.

Stylo Matchmakers stands apart, not merely because of the iconic players who wore our boots, but because we’ve etched our legacy through creativity and individuality. Unlike the norm, we don’t cling to the crutch of sponsorships or rely on today’s superstars to carry our story. That’s the lazy way. We believe in crafting our narrative, weaving it into the very fabric of football history.

Bobby Moore wearing Stylo Matchmakers isn’t just a moment frozen in time; it’s a declaration of rebellion, a celebration of British resilience, and a proud testament to our journey. As we navigate the unpredictable terrain of the football industry, we stand tall, proud of our history, and ready to redefine the game, Stylo style.”

Scott Michaels, Owner of Stylo Matchmakers

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