In the relentless pursuit of excellence, Stylo Matchmakers welcomed another football virtuoso into its fold – the Welsh wing maestro, Leighton James. After gracing the boots of legends like Pele and George Best, James showcased his exceptional form with Burnley FC from 1970 onwards. Starting his career as a left-winger, James made a league debut that hinted at the brilliance to come. His international journey with Wales saw him earn 54 caps and net 10 goals, solidifying his status as a football force to be reckoned with.

In 1975, Derby County secured his talents for a then club-record fee of £317,000, marking a pivotal moment in his dynamic career. A brief stint with Queens Park Rangers followed in 1977, displaying his prowess with 28 league games and 4 goals to his name. The 1978 return to Burnley saw James playing a crucial role, leaving an indelible mark even as the club faced relegation to the third division. His subsequent journey with Swansea City witnessed an ascent from the third division to the first, showcasing his impact.

James left an indomitable footprint in the football landscape, gracing teams like Sunderland, Bury, and Newport County. The year 1986 witnessed his triumphant return to Burnley, this time as a youth team manager and occasional player, embodying the essence of dedication and loyalty. For every Burnley FC fan, the name Leighton James is etched in the annals of football history – a legacy synonymous with Stylo Matchmakers’ relentless pursuit of football fashion excellence. Dive into the legacy, feel the intensity, and support the brand that epitomizes footballing glory. Stylo Matchmakers – where aggression meets style. Purchase our merchandise and join the ranks of enthusiasts who champion football fashion with unyielding fervor!leighton james stylo matchmakers burnley

“As the owner of Stylo Matchmakers, I find immense joy in witnessing the passionate Stylo community embracing the legacy of players like Leighton James. His commitment, skill, and unwavering dedication resonate with the values that define our brand. We understand the profound impact that legendary players have on our supporters, and James exemplifies the kind of football influence that our fans cherish.

Wearing Stylo Matchmakers isn’t just about the boots; it’s about aligning yourself with a legacy of excellence, style, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. For our brand enthusiasts, having a player of James’s caliber choose Stylo is a source of pride and a testament to the brand’s commitment to football fashion. Join us in celebrating not just the boots, but the shared passion that unites the Stylo Matchmakers family. Purchase our merchandise, and become a part of a community that stands for the very essence of football fashion. Stylo Matchmakers – where style meets legacy, and fans become part of a relentless footballing journey!”

Scott Michaels, Owner of Stylo Matchmakers

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