Kevin keegan football bootsUnleashing Greatness: Kevin Keegan and Stylo Matchmakers Football Boots

In the relentless pursuit of football greatness, Stylo Matchmakers struck gold once again in 1973, signing the powerhouse that is Kevin Keegan – “Merseyside’s Mighty Mouse.” With the triumphs of Pele and George Best still echoing, Keegan emerged as the next big name in English football, poised to be the hero a nation in the throes of an economic crisis desperately needed.

Facing the economic crossroads, the English government turned to football, and Keegan rose to the occasion. Three First Division titles, two European Cups, and an FA Cup later, he solidified his place as one of the most successful players in English football history. Stylo Matchmakers had chosen their hero wisely, and Keegan became the embodiment of resilience and triumph.

Kevin Keegan Football Boots: A Stylo Legend

In the saga of Stylo Matchmakers, Kevin Keegan’s chapter is etched with bold strokes. Bestowing upon him the iconic Stylo Matchmakers boots, now known as Heirship Seventy Four, marked a turning point. Keegan, reflecting on the influence of fellow legend George Best, shared, “I benefited from Bestie more than anybody. I got his boot contract, Stylo Matchmakers. He was the first, and it’s always hard to be the pioneer.”

Keegan didn’t just wear the boots; he brought Stylo Matchmakers to the forefront of Liverpool’s football arena, introducing it to the legendary Bill Shankly. Soon, the entire Liverpool FC squad was tearing up the pitch in Stylo Matchmakers boots, setting a new standard of style and performance.

Kevin keegan football boots
Stylo Matchmakers® Legend: Kevin Keegan

Heirship Seventy Four: A Modern Revival

Fast forward to today, and the football boot design that Keegan and the Liverpool FC squad proudly sported has been resurrected as the Heirship Seventy Four. 1974, the pinnacle of its popularity, is reborn to grace the feet of contemporary players. Modernized and completely remastered, the Heirship Seventy Four offers today’s players a classic pair of boots – lightweight, comfortable, and dripping with style.

But here’s the kicker – these boots are not just a revival; they are a limited edition, a piece of football history reincarnated for those who dare to defy the norm. Competitively priced and sticking it to the man, the Heirship Seventy Four is not just a pair of boots; it’s a declaration of rebellion, an homage to legends, and a passport to football greatness.

Seize the opportunity to step into the boots that legends like Kevin Keegan wore, and be part of a legacy that transcends time. Elevate your game with Stylo Matchmakers – where history meets the modern game, and style is a statement.


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“The Heirship Seventy Four, born from the iconic boots that Keegan and the Liverpool FC squad sported, stands as a pinnacle of ’70s football design. Its revival in the modern era isn’t just a homage; it’s a celebration of an era when football wasn’t just a sport, but a cultural phenomenon. Modernized and completely remastered, the Heirship Seventy Four isn’t just a pair of boots; it’s a journey back in time, a fusion of history and contemporary design that offers today’s players the best of both worlds.

As the owner of Stylo Matchmakers, witnessing the Heirship Seventy Four in action today brings forth a sense of pride and nostalgia. This design was not just iconic; it was a statement, a representation of an era where football boots weren’t just functional but also stylish. I can’t fathom a world where this classic style no longer exists. The Heirship Seventy Four isn’t just a football boot; it’s a piece of history, a symbol of rebellion, and a timeless declaration of Stylo style.

In a world where football constantly evolves, having Keegan’s legacy intertwined with Stylo Matchmakers is a privilege. It’s not just about the boots; it’s about embracing a legacy, honoring the pioneers, and writing a new chapter in the history of football. The Heirship Seventy Four isn’t just a revival; it’s a revolution, and I’m proud to have it continue to dominate the field, Stylo style.”

Scott Michaels, Owner of Stylo Matchmakers

kevin keegan football boots