In the fiery heart of Leeds United’s dominance, the indomitable Billy Bremner, leader of the iconic “Side before self every time” mantra, joined forces with Stylo Matchmakers in 1974, aligning the powerhouse of Yorkshire football with the vigor of a local British boot brand. Leeds, draped in the robust stylings of Stylo Matchmakers, soared to unparalleled heights in English football.

As captain of the legendary Leeds United team, they clinched two First Division titles, the FA Cup, and the League Cup, leaving an indelible mark on the beautiful game. Bremner, the midfield maestro, epitomized tenacity, fearlessly confronting opponents, even challenging the likes of football’s toughest, Tottenham’s Dave Mackay.

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Described as “10st of barbed wire,” Bremner’s tough-tackling prowess became legendary. Off the pitch, his everyday indulgences like beans and toast, a Kit-Kat with a brew, and a post-game cigarette only added to his charismatic persona. This passionate Scottish talent, with 54 caps for Scotland, led by example at the 1974 World Cup Finals. Bremner, crowned “Footballer of the Year” in 1970, embodied the spirit of Leeds United.

Teammate Allan Clarke hailed him as the best player ever, emphasizing the unique commitment players had for Leeds under Bremner’s leadership. As we celebrate Billy Bremner’s legacy, Stylo Matchmakers takes pride in being part of the formidable Leeds United history, where the Heirship Seventy Four’s style, now a classic, once dominated the league and became an integral part of footballing folklore.


“In the heart of the Stylo Matchmakers community, pride swells as we celebrate the iconic Billy Bremner adorning our legendary boots. As the owner of Stylo Matchmakers, I have been privileged to witness the homage to Bremner’s legacy on each visit to Elland Road. The bronze statue, standing tall, bears witness to the enduring impact Bremner left on Leeds United and the footballing world. Through live interviews from the Leeds United boardroom on beIN Sports, hosted by Richard Keys and Andy Gray, I’ve had the opportunity to express my deep admiration for Leeds United and their history. It’s more than just boots; it’s about a shared ethos of dominance and dedication that unites the Stylo Matchmakers family, a connection proudly embodied by the indomitable Billy Bremner and his team mates.”

Scott Michaels, Owner of Stylo Matchmakers


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