Stylo Matchmakers fully supports the initiative to celebrate diversity and promote equality.  Our society is structurally racist and deeply embedded. We have joined Amnesty’s Anti-Racism Network to contribute to the work of the thousands if not millions of people working to bring down racist structures and systems. Together we are stronger. Together, we can build a more just world for us all to live in.

What is the Anti-Racism Network? Through the network, we will bring people together to fight for the rights that racism as an institution has taken away from people of colour. Our anti racism network is set up to make a difference and bring about a fairer society by campaigning on racism in the UK. We will work on campaigns against racism in all its forms starting with Amnesty’s campaign on the Government’s Prevent agenda. Prevent is a policy that has had a negative impact on human rights since its conception. The anti-racism network will also encourage activists to work on campaigns against racism where there is an appetite to do so, for example on:

Amnesty has a lot of expertise and a reputation for building accurate and thorough research, but there will always be areas of work where we could benefit from the expertise of others or the influence of grassroots groups. We know that in order to tackle this problem we must tackle it in relationship with others.