In the blistering 1973 season, Sunderland AFC, under the indomitable leadership of the charismatic manager Bob Stokoe, embarked on a legendary FA Cup journey. Their fervent quest to bring the trophy home after nearly five decades of anticipation was fueled not just by team spirit and skill but by a strategic choice of footwear that set them apart as champions.

Enter the world-renowned British powerhouse, Stylo Matchmakers football boots – the very boots that adorned the feet of legends like Pele, George Best, and Kevin Keegan. Known for their unmatched quality, durability, and comfort, these boots became Sunderland’s secret weapon, propelling them towards history.

Initially met with skepticism by the players, the Stylo Matchmakers boots won their allegiance during rigorous training sessions. The boots proved not just comfortable but provided an exceptional grip on the field, becoming an integral part of the team’s winning strategy. As the tournament unfolded, Sunderland discovered an extra edge in their performance, culminating in the historic moment when Ian Porterfield netted the winning goal in the 73rd minute.

The FA Cup final against Leeds United, another team proudly sporting Stylo Matchmakers boots, was an epic showdown. In a closely contested battle, Sunderland emerged triumphant with a 1-0 victory. The celebratory scenes showcased the players lifting the coveted trophy, with cameras zooming in on their feet – adorned with the iconic Stylo Matchmakers boots that had propelled them to glory.

Beyond a historic moment for Sunderland and their fans, the 1973 FA Cup victory marked a pivotal juncture for Stylo Matchmakers. The brand’s association with the winning team catapulted them into the spotlight, solidifying their position as a major player in the football boot industry. The Sunderland players continued to don the boots for years, intertwining the brand with their continued success on the field.


“Having Sunderland AFC etched in the storied history of Stylo Matchmakers is a source of immense pride for me and the entire Stylo Matchmakers community. The 1973 FA Cup triumph under the charismatic guidance of Bob Stokoe showcased not only the resilience and skill of the team but also the undeniable influence of Stylo Matchmakers boots. The strategic choice to wear our iconic footwear became a winning formula, catapulting Sunderland to an historic victory. The images of the players lifting the trophy with Stylo Matchmakers boots became iconic, symbolizing the brand’s ascent in the football world. Sunderland’s association with Stylo Matchmakers isn’t just a chapter in the brand’s history; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of quality and success that defines Stylo Matchmakers.”

Scott Michaels, Owner of Stylo Matchmakers