Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade 100ml

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50ml or 100ml sizes:


Hair got a life of it's own? Want to get it back under control? Hairbond Gripper Pomade is the answer. Tame and style extremely curly, thick or coarse hair, and achieve high-elevation looks like quiffs and pompadours.


Rub a small amount in your palms and then apply to your hair and style however you desire. For low hold and high shine, give your hair a towel dry, or blow dry it for high hold and low shine.

Why it Works

Hairbond Gripper Pomade has a strong hold factor, making it ideal for controlling and styling even the curliest, thickest or coarsest hair. It's strong enough to allow you to work high hairstyles, and it's paraben free, meaning high, healthy, styled hair!

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