In the current era of football, we are witnessing the rise of a new style of play. One that is characterized by flash and spectacle. But as true lovers of the sport, this is not the football we know and cherish.

We are the purists, for whom the game is about technique and tradition, about the beauty of a well-executed pass, and the grace of a perfectly-timed tackle.

Our football boots are a symbol of identity on the pitch, a tangible representation of our commitment to the traditional values of the sport.

With Stylo Matchmakers, the purists have a brand they can call their own, and a boot that will help them to stand out against the tide of modern football.



We believe honoring the legends of football is a vital part of preserving our rich football heritage. Stylo Matchmakers football boots were worn by some of the games greatest players with Pele, George Best, Kevin Keegan Billy Bremner, Bobby Moore, as well as many others. These legends give us memories to cherish, and stories to inspire us. They brought pride and joy to the hearts of millions. Just as we honor and preserve the monuments of our history, so too must we honor and preserve the legends of football.  They must be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.


Step into a realm where sporting tradition meets innovation with Stylo Matchmakers’ International Partnership Opportunity. For decades, Stylo Matchmakers has been the hallmark of excellence in sports apparel, adorning the feet of legendary athletes across football, golf, tennis, and beyond. Now, your sportswear manufacturing business has the chance to align itself with this iconic brand, gaining access to exclusive licensing rights that promise to elevate your market presence and captivate consumers with a blend of heritage and cutting-edge design.


Stylo Matchmakers: A Resurgence of Sporting Heritage

In the ever-evolving world of sportswear, few brands have captured the essence of tradition and excellence quite like Stylo Matchmakers. With a legacy dating back to its inception in 1966 by Barratts Shoes from the “Footshape Boot Work” Factory , United Kingdom, Stylo Matchmakers has transcended geographical boundaries to become a revered multinational brand. Spearheaded by visionary leader Paul Ziff, the brand was conceived as a testament to the passion and fervor of sports enthusiasts across various disciplines, including tennis, golf, and football. Collaborating with IMG founder Mark McCormack, Ziff embarked on a mission to create a “Rock and Roll” sportswear brand that would resonate with athletes and fans alike.


Legendary Footsteps

Stylo Matchmakers’ journey to prominence has been marked by iconic moments and legendary associations. From sporting greats like Rod Laver’s and Arnold Palmer triumphs in Stylo Matchmakers sports shoes to football icons like Pelé, George Best, Billy Bremner gracing the pitch in Stylo Matchmakers boots, the brand quickly established itself as a symbol of excellence in sports footwear. Notable football managers such as Brian Clough and Bill Shankly also entrusted their teams’ fortunes to Stylo Matchmakers footwear, further solidifying its reputation for reliability and quality.


A Legacy Revived

Despite facing challenges , including the unfortunate passing of founder Paul Ziff, Stylo Matchmakers experienced a revival under the leadership of British Entrepreneur Scott Michaels. With a renewed focus on football and a commitment to preserving the brand’s heritage, Michaels spearheaded the relaunch of Stylo Matchmakers, introducing an array of football boot models under the “Heirship Collection.” Combining modernized classics with contemporary designs, the collection struck a chord with a new generation of athletes seeking authenticity and craftsmanship in their sportswear.



Championing Tradition in Modernity

Under Michaels’ guidance, Stylo Matchmakers emerged as a champion of the “Against Modern Football” campaign, challenging the dominance of corporate giants in the sportswear industry. Positioned as a challenger brand, Stylo Matchmakers appealed to discerning individuals who valued authenticity and tradition over mainstream offerings. Unlike their corporate counterparts, Stylo Matchmakers refrained from monetary incentives to athletes, instead relying on the allure of their brand story and heritage to captivate supporters.


Embracing the Future

Since its revival , Stylo Matchmakers has garnered widespread acclaim and support from grass roots players, professional athletes and enthusiasts alike. From  a growing cohort of athletes has embraced the brand, embodying its ethos of authenticity and tradition. With a commitment to storytelling and a dedication to craftsmanship, Stylo Matchmakers continues to redefine the narrative of sporting heritage in the modern era, inviting athletes and enthusiasts to join them on a journey of excellence and tradition.

In a landscape dominated by corporate giants, Stylo Matchmakers stands as a beacon of authenticity, offering athletes and enthusiasts the opportunity to be part of a legacy that transcends generations. As the brand looks towards the future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving the essence of sporting heritage, one pair of boots at a time